Because “the silver cord” what connects me with the Spirit World (in other words the dimension of Love and Light!) & the universe is rather thick, I am able to receive texts (words of love). Through channeling (automatic writing). This can be unexpected in the middle of the night or just when I sit in silence. In the stillness of my being. They know no time in the Spirit World & the universe , only eternity, and they always have something beautiful to tell, to explain or to share. As messengers of Love!

Since I made agreements about this, I usually receive my channelings in the morning. I do not actually have to meditate for it. However, because my focus (the attunement & the intention to the Spirit World or the universe. In alignment with other dimensions) after a (morning) meditation (a sit in my own power – moment) is greater and the intuning deeper I am, after the meditation, able to receive the texts with even more purity. Actually my frequency is higher and the more closeby the source, the more I may receive the words in purity.

The reception is as follows. With an intuning (attunement with the Spirit World or the universe in a full energetic flow) I focus on my inner light in silence and concentrate myself on my breathing. Meanwhile I switch of my thoughts (mind) and I am as passive as possible. I sit behind my laptop or I take noteblock with pencil and the words just flow into me. As my minds takes over the words are no longer pure. And purity for everything! My fingers type thoughtlessly on the keyboard or the words flow right on the paper. Through automatic writing the texts are created. But most times the short lines just flow into my head or the universal contact asks me friendly to write something down.

I take the words one by one. Sometimes it is possible that I do not receive (feel) well. Or misunderstand the word. My ‘translation’ is not correct at such a moment. Shortly, not pure! Then I go back to the focus (the focus of attunement) and ask my universal contact to say the word again. Then I feel again and then the correct word flows through.

The whisperings keep on coming the more and the more. The amount is enormous. Nevertheless I have to find the balance in my life, the channelings, my mediamicity (paranormality) and the amount of contact I have with The Spirit World and the universe. I have to carry it out on earth. For the other. This is an process and I can say now that I can control this. Serving others but to a certain extent. I do what I can, I can what I do…

Love, Irmgard💗

In the evoking stillness…
You can actually hear
The universe whisper to you
The loving sweet words

Their knowledge, wisdom
And library of soul truth
Isn’t it quite remarkable
That your soul blossoms

Only in the realization
That is an infinite wellspring
Of universal wisdom to discover
Once you silenced your humanly mind?

Love, Irmgard💗

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